Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mason Jar, My Love

Recently, I have been really drawn to mason jars - used as drinking glasses and tied with fun things like twine, or colorful ribbon, or even craft paper.

With button flower stirrers (Hostess)

Mason jars are so multi purpose (ie wonderful) - use them as vases, as candle holders, drinking glasses, dye them blue, or fill them with homemade jam as a favor. It seems as though someone is always coming up with new creative ways to use plain 'ole canning jars.

Here is some advice: if you really are thinking of using mason jars as drinking glasses (at your wedding especially), I know the automatic inclination is to go to Goodwill/Value Village, but trust me, I've found that just buying new jars in bulk from places like Wal-mart is actually cheaper (per jar) than buying the individual used ones. I realized after gathering a bunch for a party, that I could have purchased a box of new jars for cheaper than I had spent gathering them at second hand stores (and it would have saved time!).

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