Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Getting Hitched : Our Reception Venue!

Thats right, you heard me correctly - we have already chosen and booked a reception venue! I may go down in the bridal history books as the "Most Ahead of Schedule" bride, but I'm okay with that. 

Lodge at Canyon River Ranch, meet my readers. Readers, meet my reception venue. 
Heres the deal though, I really hadn't planned on finding "the site" on our first day browsing. Granted, Yakima is pretty small so we didn't have endless options... but I will have to admit that the whole process has been really smooth sailing, this being no exception (knock on wood someone!). Nate and I don't get over the mountains to Yakima very often, and even less during the winter season, so while we were visiting my parents one weekend in Septemeber, the four of us decided to go actually drive around to a few wineries (that being where I thought I wanted our reception to be). Coming up short after looking at all the winery reception sites, we stopped for lunch to regroup. My parents mentioned that we should check out this new place along the river - they had never seen it nor had Nate or I ever heard of it, so we said alright and headed north towards Ellensburg. The Lodge was honest to goodness love at first site - for Nate and I both. Long story short, the price was right, the place and location are incredible and everything I ever wanted (and more!), so done done and done, our search was over! We rented the entire lodge (the site and all 10 2-bedroom condos) and I love that our family and bridal party can stay there with us. The Yakima canyon is gorgeous and our guests will have more activity options than they will have time for. (Fly fishing anyone?) 

Pros: We love it! The price is right. Open catering & no alcohol restrictions. Our family and friends can stay on site - for the whole weekend! Beautiful Yakima scenery, giving our guests a real feel for the valley. Did I mention no restrictions? No hourly fee, no time we have to be out, no noise complains, no decorating rules. We can utilize both the inside of the Lodge and outside - best of both worlds. 

The only slight con, is that there are no rentals included in the site fee - so I will have to rent everything - tables, chairs, linens, tableware, you name it. Not a huge deal because we have room in the budget, but still just more work for moi down the road. 

You hate the Lodge compared to how much I love it!

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