Tuesday, November 16, 2010

C is for...


Why is it that carnations get such a bad rap?? I personally adore them. I think they are the Target version of Peonies (and I love me some Target! And peonies for that matter...). Seriously, they are affordable, gorgeous little fluffy things. Available all year and in a variety of colors, and at such an affordable cost - I think they need to be given more credit! They may even make a couple appearances at my wedding. And by may I mean, definitely will
Not convinced?

Couldn't you see bridesmaids bouquets made out of carnations?! And I think carnation pomanders are a must .

What to know how to make an adorable carnation ball centerpiece?? (Like below)

Materials:  4-½” floral foam sphere + about 50 carnations

1. Soak/saturate the floral foam sphere in water
2. Cut the carnations to about an inch below the stem
3. Spread the petals of each carnation so it is at its fullest
4.  Insert each carnation into the floral foam sphere, beginning in a straight line and then filling in until there are no gaps (you can leave the bottom open since it will be placed on top of a platter)
(Thanks for the instructions Hostess!)

I'm thinking I may just have to go buy a lot of carnations and play around with some wedding ideas. 
Whose with me??

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