Monday, November 30, 2009

Photography Feature: Style.ish !

Ever since stumbling across Seattle's own style.ish photography I have fallen completely in love. Their modern photo-journalistic style truly turns your moments and emotions into art with a uniqueness like no other. They have even been featured on and Destinations I Do Magazine!

LMV asked a few questions...

1. What’s your primary style? (Posed and formal, relaxed, photojournalistic, creative, artistic, candid, traditional?)
I like to say that we’re have a photojournalistic style with a modern twist. Meaning that we love to capture the moments as they happen especially during moments like getting ready and the walk down the aisle but we also love doing portraits that require a little more posing. For portraits we like to pose our couples in a way that doesn’t look posed. Not everyone is a natural born model and we find that people like direction when getting photographed. We tell them where to look, when to kiss, how to sit but the way that they react after they are posed, their head turn, their smile, their laugh, the look in the couples eyes when they look at each other is what we try to capture.

2. What are the reasons you think brides should hire you? What makes your photographs better or different than anybody else's?
The best thing about working with us is that we are a husband and wife team so you always get two photographers and between the two of us and our four cameras, we never miss a moment. We take a much more “stylish” approach to our photography. We are not just trying to capture the moments, we are trying to capture the moments in the most beautiful way we can. We get a lot of our inspiration not from wedding magazines or other wedding photographers but fashion spreads and ads. We are not trying to be anyone else and our style is definitely our style. The one thing I can say about our photography is that it’s not just images from our camera, they are extensions of what we feel in our hearts. Being a part of such an important day, we get caught up in all the emotions as well and when I am shooting, it’s me capturing what I am feeling from the moment and what I think the couple will want to remember from that moment.

3. Who is your most favorite photographer (not necessarily a wedding photographer)?
Tim Walker. Amazing fashion photographer.

4. Are there any new wedding photo trends that you have noticed?
Props! Everyone loves their props these days. I think it’s really cute when it has a connection with the couple. Beach brides love parasols which I do too! They always make for pretty photos.

5. What do you do the rest of the week, when you aren't shooting weddings?
I’m in Human Resources at an IT firm here in Seattle. It’s a great job but I love having a creative outlet with photography. My husband does photography full-time so when he’s not shooting weddings, he’s at the computer editing and perfecting things on the back end so that our clients get the best service at all times! We make sure that they are taken care of from start to finish. When we are not working most of our time is spent with our two mini dachshunds, taking them on long walks or just cuddling with them on the couch.

I tried to narrow down my favorite photos and it was nearly impossible! Here are a few, but check out the rest of their fabulous work at, and on facebook!

Thanks Tiffany and Jared!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Project :DIY Wedding Postcards

Ready to create your own (wedding) postcards??

White card stock - 1 sheet makes 2 postcards
Pictures for the front of the post card
Glue Stick
Color copier
Fancy edged scissors (deckle-edge if you want)
Custom 'Post Card' rubber stamp (instructions below) and stamp pad
Postage Stamps
A pen or fine tip marker

1. Affix two 4-by-6-inch photos to a sheet of paper with a glue stick, lining up edges. (Be sure you have the photographer's permission to use the images.) Picture ideas: use engagement pictures, baby pictures, or a picture of the city your wedding is in.
2. Color photocopy the page onto white card stock.
3. Leaving a 1/8-inch border, cut out each card with deckle-edge scissors.
4. With a rubber stamp that has an old-fashioned "Post Card" graphic (download template  and have stamp made at an office-supply store), stamp the back of each card. Note: Do you want a different "postcard" grapic? Check out these Vintage post card cliparts.
5. Using a ruler, draw a line down the center to separate your message from the address. Done!

Does the idea of handwriting all of your Save the Dates sound horrible? (I agree)
1. Before you copy your two pictures onto card stock (step 2 above), copy them first onto another peice of white computer paper.
2. On the back of this copy, stamp your Post Card graphic and draw a line down the center of each photo (see steps 4 and 5 above).
3. Write your save the date information or print it from your computer and paste it to the copy paper (do you want a FREE handwriting font for your STD? See these!) or use this picture as a guide and re-create the cute calender below! (that couple even added a custom postage stamp on their postcard!)

4. Next, copy both sides of your peice of paper onto white card stock - your image on the front, postcard graphic on the back.
5. Now, complete step 3 from the first instructions above - cut each card out with deckle-edged scissors. Add a stamp and you're ready to go!

(Example of a rad handwriting font)

Remember: your STD only needs to have basic information written on it- your names, your wedding date and location- but out-of-town guests may be especially grateful for a bit of advance info on local hotels and other travel details and ideally, you should include a link to your wedding website where more in-depth information (like a schedule of events) can be featured.

Want a time saving tip? If you don't care about fancy edges for your postcard, Costco and Kinkos will both double-side copy your template onto white card stock AND cut them for you to whatever size you specify. I have used Costco printing several times now and have always been so impressed!

Don't stop there! These post cards would make great birth announcements, Christmas cards, or even birthday party invitations. The post card possibilities are endless!

As always, thank you Martha Stewart!

Side note: is crafting really not your thing but you love the postcard idea?!
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Celebrating Fall

Check out this Pottery Barn place setting-  I am a fan of decorating the Thanksgiving table in a theme diferent than turkeys so I just love using fall leaves!

And who can forget Candy Apples! (althought they are a bit Halloween)

Recipe from Country Living

Are you looking for a recipe for good spiked apple cider? Check out Eat, Make, Read!

Or do you want an updated version of the classic pumpkin pie? Check out this pie from Bakerella!

Monday, November 23, 2009


If I were going to go the "Carrie and Mr. Big" route and get married in a courthouse...

This is what I would wear....

Diane von Furstenberg 'Hippolyte' dress and those to die for, bright pink Louboutins.

*Sigh* I really am crazy about the Little White Dress.

What would you wear??

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Feature: Michael Fisk Photography

Today we are doing something special on the LMV blog - featuring Michael Fisk, owner of Michael Fisk Photography!

Michael is one of my personal favorite photographers (and we went to high school together!) so I am really excited to be able to feature his work and the person behind the camera. His photography is incredible and although he is based out of Yakima, he says that 50% of weddings he shot in 2009 were in the Seattle area. So Seattle brides, listen up!

LMV got to ask Michael a few questions!
1.What’s your primary style? (Posed and formal, relaxed, photojournalistic, creative, artistic, candid, traditional?)
Our actual shooting style is very relaxed. Our goal on the wedding day is to simply document the day, and capture it with our artistic eye. This makes our shooting style simple, and fun. The actual photos we end up with at the end of the day are clean, unique images that were taken by photographers that believe in being different, and saying "no" to tradition.

2. What are the reasons you think brides should hire you? What makes your photographs better or different than anybody else's?
This is what we do every day. I shoot weddings and work directly with brides full time. It's more than just a hobby, or something we do for extra income on the weekends. It's our life, and we are going all out!

I think images are very important. Its all you have left at the end of the day. Find a photographer you trust, feel comfortable with and then make sure you are in love with the pictures!

3. Who is your most favorite photographer (not necessarily a wedding photographer)?
I was inspired to shoot photography after visiting one of Peter Liks galleries in Maui

4. Are there any new wedding photo trends that you have noticed?
I can't think of anything new.

5. What do you do the rest of the week, when you aren't shooting weddings?
Working with Brides all year round. Running my studio in Yakima. I own another photography brand Poet Pictures. Its a full service portrait studio for family's, seniors, baby pictures etc. I have photographers that shoot as associates through Poet Pictures, but I run the business side of things for both of my brands under one studio.

Thank you Michael!

Also, check out one of his Wedding Videos on Facebook and while you're there, become a facebook fan of Michael Fisk Photography!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just because I love them

For the love of everything chocolatey, marshmellowey, and grahamcrackerish.

Raspberry S'mores?! Yes please!

S'mores cookies from Martha

Have a great Saturday!
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday Photo #5

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Gender Reveal Party

I can't contain my excitement!
Tomorrow is THE DAY that my bestest friend finds out the sex of her first child...
so since thats all I can think about at the moment, I give you - A Gender Reveal Party!

Did you happen to see the photos on Hostess with the Mostess for their Gender Reveal Party? Or Josh and Anna Dugger on the Today Show, finding out the sex of their baby via a slice of cake? 

Gender Reveal parties are a fun way to find out the sex of your baby- and tell your family- all at the same time! I loved how everyone at the HWTM party wore a blue or pink shirt, depending on what they thought the baby would be. Make cupcakes with either pink or blue gumballs in the center or have someone make a pink or blue cake like Josh and Anna's.

Decorate with a neutral color like chocolate brown with of course, pink and blue. Look at these cute invitations from Shutterfly! They would be perfect for a Gender Reveal Party!

How cute would custom bottles of pink and blue jones soda be? Have a picture of the Mom-to-be on the front of (or even just a question mark) Berry Lemonade and Fufu Berry flavors! How cute!

You also don't need to have a gender reveal party in leu of having a baby shower- host the reveal party yourself and have it be a fun Saturday luncheon around 18-22 weeks of your pregnancy (or whenever you find out the sex of your baby). Then you can have a more gender specific baby shower later on!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brooklyn Bride Holiday Card Swap

Calling all my crafty readers!
It’s holiday time again (I'm extra excited this year!) and Vane from Brooklyn Bride is holding her 3rd annual card swap! Its a new idea for me, but I am definately going to participate this year! Here are the details:

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Wedding Organization

(quote via lettegirl's blog)

I think its important to start the wedding planning process off to a very organized start (...ok, that may just be because I love organization). But if you're anything like me, or you're feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of you - have no fear!

If you are more of the DIY type gal, I suggest making your own wedding planning binder. Its much cheaper than buying one from a bookstore and you can really tailor it to your own style. Pick up a cute three ring binder, some page protectors, and dividers - then print some (or all) of these!

Would you rather pay the money and save your self the hassle of putting together a wedding planner? Check out the cadillac of wedding organizers, by none other than the incredible Mindy Weiss! And this ready made binder by Russell & Hazel.

Also- here is a very cool thank you note tracker from The Inspired Bride!
Happy Organizing!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Etsy Find - Address Stamp

I have actually had this stamp saved on my Etsy Favorites list for oh, probably a year. I absolutely adore Lettergirl's caligraphy and couldn't beleive that it could get any better, until I saw that she sells wedding stamps (name and address, self inking stamps!). What a great gift for the bride to be at her bridal shower! Just think of all the time saved if you didn't have to write return addresses on save the dates, invitations, or thank you notes! Its practical AND beautiful!

Right now, she has 13 different wedding stamps for sale on her Etsy site, not to mention holiday stamps, return address stickers, name stamps, book plate stamps, and business stamps! These aren't just for the bride - every hostess could use a unique stamp!

So, check out Lettergirl's Etsy site and then run on over to her blog, which is equally to die for!
L-O-V-E   L-O-V-E   L-O-V-E

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Swoon worthy proposal

Creative, unexpected marriage proposals are one of my most favorite things... ever.

Read the whole story from Bakerella (or keep reading!)-

(an email to Bakerella)
"Hi Bakerella,
I hope all is well with you. I must be honest, the only reason why I know of you is because my girlfriend is such an avid fan of yours! Every Monday she shows me your latest creation. Feeling inspired, she proceeds to either replicate one of your creations or put her own twist on it. I of course benefit from the delicious goodies

Anyhow, my girlfriend’s name is Melissa and she’s began her own blog recently and has been enjoying it immensely. I bought her a fancy camera to document her process as well so it’s been a great experience for her. She spends countless hours in the kitchen baking and then on the computer updating the blog.

Melissa and I have been together for almost 6 years now and I would like to take the next step and propose to her! As a guy, we must think of that genius way of how exactly to pop the question. Well, I had a thought and this is really just a thought but was wondering how open you were in assisting me with that process?

This is a complete shot in the dark and just one of my ideas but I thought she’d really enjoy it. Once again, no obligation and please do not feel compelled to assist…after all I am a complete stranger!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

(What Bakerella wrote...)

"We discussed a few ways to propose through the site and settled on an idea, which I then changed at the last minute when I decided on cake pops. (Rich… hope that didn’t make you more nervous.) The post had to be orchestrated in a way so that Rich would be with Melissa when it went live. Hoping that Mel (I feel I can call her that now since I did help propose.) would casually look on the computer on her own without any prompting.

When they returned from dinner, Rich had a plan ready. He bought her the Martha Stewart Cookies Book after seeing it on last week’s giveaway post and had it ready to give to her, hoping the baking book would prompt her to go the computer.

But no. Mel just showed Rich all the yummy pages from the book and went back to grading papers.

So out of desperation… Rich goes, “Doesn’t Bakerella post something new on Sunday nights?”

Mel: “No, I think it’s Monday morning.”

Rich: “Are you sure? I think it’s Sunday night. You should go check.” (Definitely not suspicious.)

For the record, it is usually Sunday night, but Mel doesn’t get an alert until Monday.

So they both went to the computer. Together. (Again, not suspicious in any way.)

Mel clicked on the wrong site at first because Rich was making her nervous. (If she only knew how nervous Rich was right then.)

Then she read the post still unaware of what was about to happen. When she got to the proposal, she said she was like Niagra Falls. And when she turned around, Rich, also teary-eyed was waiting on one knee to make it official.

Want to read Melissa's actual proposal post? Here you go, now you can swoon just like I did :-) That is one seriously creative proposal!

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