Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Getting Hitched : My First DIY Sewing Project

Alternate Title : I'm lovin' me some burlap.
Yep, you heard me correctly, 100 % jute burlap, in all its wonderful, cost effective glory.

I think I have decided to hand cut / sew / make table runners for our reception out of burlap. Layer it over a white linen and I am really one happy camper! I love the white and oatmeal color combo, the addition of texture to the reception tables, it really compliments our venue, and its a great DIY project for me. (so many online tutorials on how to cut and sew burlap runners)

So far the best price is at Jo-Anne fabrics and they are so good about sending coupons, that I am holding out until black friday (yes, I am one of those waiting in line at Target at 430am) - and hoping they print a wonderful 40-50% off coupon, with which I will purchase roughly... 70-80 yards of burlap. That sounds like a lot, but if my preliminary math is correct, each runner will cost only a little over $2 a piece (assuming I get a coupon). And one of the best parts, is that I can re-sell them to another bride obsessed with burlap.

I figure a) I've got plenty of time b) I have a sewing machine and c) can easily bust out 40 runners at my leisure, preferably while watching entire seasons of Sex and the City.

I know burlap runners tend to really give off a rustic vibe, which I don't think Nate and I had originally envisioned - and so I am sort of struggling with the idea that I am mixing wedding genres here. He and I both really have more of a classic wedding style, but we are having our reception outdoors at a Lodge along the river. See how I'm tossing between both ideas? Can you have a classic reception with a hint of rustic? We definitely don't want it to look too rustic or too "styled" - Nate laughed as though I had told a very funny joke when I suggested using mason jars as drinking glasses. (I thought it was a cute idea) :-) Were you surprised with the ideas you came up with for your wedding? Did they change from what you originally had imagined?

Heres a great quote about rustic weddings from an old Grey Loves Weddings post - "Mixing the formality of a wedding with a casual atmosphere makes for a very playful event. I often feel weddings are so rushed and bogged down with traditional formalities that before anyone has a chance to breathe, the bride and groom are running through bird seed/sparklers/flower petals/et al and whisking off to an undisclosed location. Rather than take the “checklist” approach to reception activities, I prefer the idea of a fantastic dinner, lots of wine, plenty of hearty conversation, laudable toasts, and a good helping of tunes. The whole rustic wedding fits right into that vision..." 

See! Burlap can be gorgeous!

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