Thursday, February 11, 2010

Real Weddings : Adam and Katelyn

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm going to try something new around here - I want to showcase some Real Weddings (or engagements) with you every once in awhile. I know brides-to-be are searching blogs for real life inspiration, as much as they are deals and diy ideas. Without further explaination....

Todays Real Wedding (engagment) feature is of a rad couple I happen to know personally - Katelyn is from my hometown and we went to school together briefly (and then college together) and Adam was my boyfriends roommate at one time - long story short, they rock and I am super excited to feature their engagement pictures today!

In Katelyns words "She (the photog, Jennifer) is absolutely amazing and has the best personality for a photographer, she makes everything feel so comfortable!"  ...What more could a girl ask for??

Their photographer is a local to Yakima as well (hometown shoutout!) and Katelyn just told me that she has started her own business - yay Jennifer! So, check out the pics then you just have to check out her site too.

Ok Ok enough talking, on to the pictures!

Thanks for sharing some of your amazing photos Katelyn, Adam, and Jennifer Dagdagan!  
I can't wait to see your wedding pictures!

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