Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My current obsession

Want to know what I am just loving right now? Dessert tables!

Not candy buffets (although some dessert tables have candy) but dessert tables with your wedding cake and then several types of desserts surrounding!

Lets say you and your groom aren't wild about cake - and certianly not wild about cake with fondant at $3.75 a slice. So opt for a smaller, simple cake and provide lots of different homemade cakes, pies, chessecakes, and cookies (the possibilities are endless!).

I love the DIY route you can take with dessert tables too. Feature that delicious cheesecake that only your Aunt can make or get you bridesmaids together and have a baking party. Is there a special dessert recipe in your family? Pick desserts that sound delicious to you and then make (or buy) them!

(I love the couples initials on this dessert table as well as all the white cake stands!)

You can also get creative with the display and decorations surrounding your dessert table.
Here are some printable table signs (and the blank ones)- thank you Inspired Bride!

(Snapshots of the couple above the dessert table?! Such a cool idea!)

Want some ridiculously fantastic inspiration? Look no further than Amy Atlas- and make sure and read this dessert table how-to written by her as well!

Want to know what else I am obsessed with??
Making your own cake stands for these gorgeous dessert tables!!!

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