Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love for the Mini Cake

Idea: Instead of having one giant wedding cake (or birthday cake, bridal shower, or engagement party cake for that matter) how about mini cakes? Cutely wrapped and set at each persons place around the table or displayed on a cake table, ready for the grabbing. Intrigued? Check out Cake Monkey Bakery's drool inducing mini cakes!

The Raspberry Red Velvet Cake
Moist Red Velvet Cake with layers of Raspberry swirled Vanilla Frosting

The Black and White Cake
Devil’s Food Cake Layered with Tahitian Vanilla Frosting and coated in Chocolate Cake Crumbs

Chocolate Carmel Cake
Chocolate Cake with Housemade Caramel, Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Frosting and Carmelized Rice Krispies
And finally, the Vanilla Gorilla Cake
Vanilla Cake with Tahitian Vanilla Frosting and Sugar Sparkles

Unfortunately, to ship a box of 8 little cakes costs $68 (+ shipping), so I'm not vouching for their cost effectiveness - but they sure do look cool and sound delicious!

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