Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flower Alternatives

During winter flowers you love can be a little harder, and more expensive, to come by. Don't fret, there are many non-flower options that are just as gorgeous!

Take a lead from Martha Stewart with tissue paper pom poms:

Sticks are a great option and allow for a lot of creativity. Leave them in their natural state, glam it up with feathers and ribbon, spray paint them, or even hang those great Martha pom's from them!

(see this and more martha poms here)

Sticks not your thing? try produce instead! slice it, submerge it, pile it...

Don't forget about candles...inexpensive and so romantic! try floating them in water, putting them in vases of varying sizes and colors, using antique holders, or hang them from the lovely stick arrangement you already made (but try not to burn anything down!)
(learn how to make the candle tree here)

The possibilities are truly endless! Get creative, use your imagination, and see where it takes you!


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