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Boudior by Andria Lindquist

Hi Ladies! I had yesterdays post all scheduled and ready to rock, but realized today that it never posted! So here you go, one day late, a fabulous interview with our main lady, Andria! 

Per Merriam-Webster...Boudoir : pronunciation:ˈbü-ˌdwär
definition:  a woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room
etemology: french, from bouder, meaning to pout

Per Me (and many others I'm sure)...
Boudoir Photography
A tasteful celebration of a woman's body.  An empowering experience that that allows women to feel more than just beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous...but also confident, fun, playful, pampered, and comfortable in their own skin.  A form of art that is more historical than you may realize: paintings by Francois Boucher of the 1700's or Johann Georg Meyer Von Bremen of the 1800's...Hollywood photography of the 1930's & 40's by George Hurrell.  A gift for the one you love and plan to spend the rest of your life with.   Another reason to make his jaw drop.  It's sensual, intimate, and down right awesome.

And what would be a blog post on Boudoir Photography without featuring one of our favorite Boudoir Photographers?  Simply not good enough! Andria Lindquist will have you stripping down to your drawers faster than a 100 degree Pacific Northwest heatwave.  Enjoy!  

How did you get your start with Boudoir photography?  Is this the only type of photography that you do?
It’s funny actually. I got an email from a reader of mine that I didn’t know at the time who had this Valentines idea. She said she wasn’t a shy girl and hoped her idea didn’t freak me out. I really had no idea what to expect and hadn’t done Boudoir before, but I love venturing out in new areas of photography – so we set it up. The shoot went fantastic – I was absolutely on a high after the shoot and I thought to myself…”Holy cow, I want to do more of these!” So from that, my love for Boudoir was born. It’s alive and growing steadily today. J No, Boudoir is not my only outlet. I do all types of photography – portrait, love, wedding, infant – they all just have a editorial-slash-lifestyle look to them. I prefer non-posed, real-life, natural lighting and people willing to let loose and trust me completely in their shoot. That’s my style.

What and/or who inspires you?

There are a lot of answers to that! I love to bring a theme and a look into my shoots, so I often gather inspiration from high fashion magazines, a prop or item I find at a thrift shop or boutique as well as pulling a natural look that someone already has within them. I try to tap into the essence that a woman naturally emits and encourage her to play that up with Boudoir. I love the details: eyelashes, lace, killer stilettos, the ring. I think it’s beautiful to step in and focus on those little details that end up telling a story with their overall shoot and experience. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman, lace and milky skin…it’s easy to find inspiration.

Why should brides-to-be consider doing Boudoir photos?
Man, I am a total advocate that Boudoir is a must in the wedding process. There are so many things that brides get to do to pamper herself along the wedding journey, but most of them are so short-term: mani-pedi, shopping trip, hair cut and color. Boudoir is such a beautiful way to celebrate and have a physical reminder of this special time in their lives. It may be the best wedding gift a husband can receive – hello – but I believe it is just as much to celebrate the woman. It’s about the unique beauty she is and giving her an opportunity to be pampered and feel incredible. This is an experience; it is not just about the end result. This is about a day being devoted to you, having fun, playing dress up, planning a surprise – and knocking his socks off, of course.

Can you give us a quick overview of a Boudoir photo shoot experience?
Just about the best process there is. After our initial meet and greet over email and location, date, theming and details are all secured, we move on to the fun part – the shoot! On shoot day, my makeup artist and I arrive to the hotel suite, home, condo and get right to work. She will get all dolled up with hair and makeup, we will go over wardrobe options, plan out a sequence of looks, pop some champagne and turn on the music. The entire process is meant to be enjoyed. We are never in a rush and really take time to soak up every step of the day. I truly want each woman to walk away with an experience just as much as with her beautiful images. The post production takes about one to two weeks and before you know it, a photo disc, slideshow and boudoir album are on your doorstep. It’s a wonderful process.

What advice do you give your clients to feel comfortable and their most beautiful?
I realize that this can be a very vulnerable thing for a woman to step out and do. I am happy to meet each woman right where she is and help bring her idea for this shoot to life. The thing is, I’m just too outgoing and in love with Boudoir to have you anything but jazzed about the shoot. The hair and makeup process is a great time for us to get to know each other and feel comfortable and ready to rock. I often hear, “I just need more time to get in shape.” when talking to my Boudoir girls. I know that this is a natural thought when being photographed in lingerie J but my whole goal with Boudoir is for women to embrace and take pride in just who they are and where they are at that time. The man you are marrying is so fantastically in love with you, that should be reason enough to feel confident and excited about boudoir. Plus I’ll take good care of you and promise your experience will be divine.

Tell us 2 fun facts about yourself!
1.)  I ate a goldfish in high school. In a laundry room and with 2 guys that told me I wouldn’t, so I did. Totally was not a bad experience except for the fact I could feel it wiggle down my throat and it left scales on my tongue. Just goes to show, don’t tell me I won’t – because, I will.
2.)  I was pigeon toed when I was born. I had to wear a cast and then special shoes when I was little to correct it. It was just on my left foot (and I’m a lefty too) but you can’t tell now. Sometimes when I’m standing in one spot, I look down and I see my toe pointed in a little. Then I fix it.  I’m also ambidextrous, I played a wicked clarinet solo in 3rd grade and I have a black belt (ok, that one’s a lie.) 

Make your appointment and check out the rest of her work here


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