Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Nonsense

This week has been a little crazy my loves, so please forgive me (and my lack of posts).
 Guess who is getting married in a mere 23 days?? Thats right, Andrea! It is amazing how fast time is flying.
I cannot wait for her wedding! 
And speaking of time flying by, I've been engaged for an entire month today! Yippee!
(only 20 months to go! ...yikes that seems like a very long time) 
But in this first month we have set a date, picked out a reception site, and decided on a photographer. 
Oh! And completed a DIY project! (cake stands, remember?) 
Want to know what I'm working on this month? 
Our website!
Andrea recommended MyWedding, but I know others have used TheKnot
Suggestions? Ideas? What do you recommend?
Ohhhhhh yeah, I love umbrella wedding pictures. It feels so Seattle. 

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