Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sniffle Sniffle Sneeze Sneeze

I'm going to take a quick blogging break - because I can't breathe, let alone focus to blog :-) But in the meantime, here's whats swirling in my brain! 

1. I'm drooling over this Amsale dress and wishing with all my might that it appears in my closet before the wedding.

2. Our Guest (book) Tree!
Lovliday on Etsy

3. Making marshmallows from scratch. Trust me on this, they look way cuter and easier to make than they actually are. My first attempt was frustrating, but I definitely want to try again and cross my fingers that they turn out this cute. 

4. Heres a  new blog for you to check out! Emmaline Bride


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  1. I love your marshmallows!Every flavor actually!


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