Monday, October 4, 2010

In my Head

I'm drawing a blank on what to post today and I'm thinking that part of it might be that I am just starting to plan my own wedding - its feeling slightly overwhelming and thats sort of dominating the wedding part of my brain.  I am so thankful for a long engagement because most days my brain feels jumbled - trying to nail down what projects I want to tackle and basically turning brainstorming / inspiration into decisions / plans.  Thinking about my own wedding can make blogging a little tricky. In lots of ways it’s been amazing and in other ways it’s been overwhelming -I have so many ideas, yet nothing seems original because every clever wedding idea anyone ever had has been posted on a blog somewhere and then re-blogged a hundred times over. 
The fun news is that I attempted (and succeeded!) at my first wedding DIY project yesterday! With the help of a crafty bridesmaid (aka Nate's sister) - we dove full speed ahead into Handmade Cake Stands and let me tell you, they rock! I will write up a full post with the pictures we took - but we ran out of time yesterday and will have to complete the project next weekend. But get this, we made 11 cake stands for a whopping $40. Our wedding dessert table will look so awesome
So, that’s kind of where my brain is (at least, one of a few places). I’ll be back with inspiration just as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I hope you’ll share some of your thoughts here in the comments – what’s inspiring you, or how’s your planning going? 

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PS - Happy 23rd Birthday Jackie! 


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