Monday, October 18, 2010

Wedding Colors

Choosing wedding colors - where do you begin? It is one of the first decisions you make once engaged, and personally, I'm finding it a bit overwhelming. Do you pick just one or two? How about 6?? Or no specific colors??

 I struggle with picking colors that a) I love. Its important that I am inspired by my colors and that they feel very "me" (and Nate). b) That complement our reception venue c) Are a good combination of masculine and feminine. d) Provide some sort of theme. 

But right now, I'm a little overwhelmed with options and I am having a tough time narrowing them down. I am rattling off roughly 8 colors that I want to incorporate into our big day. Too much?? :-) 

How does black, white, yellow, and fuchsia sound? With a neutral like linen/oatmeal/khaki on the tables.

White with khaki accents on the tables and white/pink/yellow centerpieces & reception flowers.
Fuchsia bridal bouquet and bridesmaids dresses. 
Black and White tuxes.  

What do you think?

PS - I'm down for the count with a cold, bear with me this week :-)


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