Monday, November 16, 2009

Swoon worthy proposal

Creative, unexpected marriage proposals are one of my most favorite things... ever.

Read the whole story from Bakerella (or keep reading!)-

(an email to Bakerella)
"Hi Bakerella,
I hope all is well with you. I must be honest, the only reason why I know of you is because my girlfriend is such an avid fan of yours! Every Monday she shows me your latest creation. Feeling inspired, she proceeds to either replicate one of your creations or put her own twist on it. I of course benefit from the delicious goodies

Anyhow, my girlfriend’s name is Melissa and she’s began her own blog recently and has been enjoying it immensely. I bought her a fancy camera to document her process as well so it’s been a great experience for her. She spends countless hours in the kitchen baking and then on the computer updating the blog.

Melissa and I have been together for almost 6 years now and I would like to take the next step and propose to her! As a guy, we must think of that genius way of how exactly to pop the question. Well, I had a thought and this is really just a thought but was wondering how open you were in assisting me with that process?

This is a complete shot in the dark and just one of my ideas but I thought she’d really enjoy it. Once again, no obligation and please do not feel compelled to assist…after all I am a complete stranger!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

(What Bakerella wrote...)

"We discussed a few ways to propose through the site and settled on an idea, which I then changed at the last minute when I decided on cake pops. (Rich… hope that didn’t make you more nervous.) The post had to be orchestrated in a way so that Rich would be with Melissa when it went live. Hoping that Mel (I feel I can call her that now since I did help propose.) would casually look on the computer on her own without any prompting.

When they returned from dinner, Rich had a plan ready. He bought her the Martha Stewart Cookies Book after seeing it on last week’s giveaway post and had it ready to give to her, hoping the baking book would prompt her to go the computer.

But no. Mel just showed Rich all the yummy pages from the book and went back to grading papers.

So out of desperation… Rich goes, “Doesn’t Bakerella post something new on Sunday nights?”

Mel: “No, I think it’s Monday morning.”

Rich: “Are you sure? I think it’s Sunday night. You should go check.” (Definitely not suspicious.)

For the record, it is usually Sunday night, but Mel doesn’t get an alert until Monday.

So they both went to the computer. Together. (Again, not suspicious in any way.)

Mel clicked on the wrong site at first because Rich was making her nervous. (If she only knew how nervous Rich was right then.)

Then she read the post still unaware of what was about to happen. When she got to the proposal, she said she was like Niagra Falls. And when she turned around, Rich, also teary-eyed was waiting on one knee to make it official.

Want to read Melissa's actual proposal post? Here you go, now you can swoon just like I did :-) That is one seriously creative proposal!

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