Monday, November 23, 2009

Feature: Michael Fisk Photography

Today we are doing something special on the LMV blog - featuring Michael Fisk, owner of Michael Fisk Photography!

Michael is one of my personal favorite photographers (and we went to high school together!) so I am really excited to be able to feature his work and the person behind the camera. His photography is incredible and although he is based out of Yakima, he says that 50% of weddings he shot in 2009 were in the Seattle area. So Seattle brides, listen up!

LMV got to ask Michael a few questions!
1.What’s your primary style? (Posed and formal, relaxed, photojournalistic, creative, artistic, candid, traditional?)
Our actual shooting style is very relaxed. Our goal on the wedding day is to simply document the day, and capture it with our artistic eye. This makes our shooting style simple, and fun. The actual photos we end up with at the end of the day are clean, unique images that were taken by photographers that believe in being different, and saying "no" to tradition.

2. What are the reasons you think brides should hire you? What makes your photographs better or different than anybody else's?
This is what we do every day. I shoot weddings and work directly with brides full time. It's more than just a hobby, or something we do for extra income on the weekends. It's our life, and we are going all out!

I think images are very important. Its all you have left at the end of the day. Find a photographer you trust, feel comfortable with and then make sure you are in love with the pictures!

3. Who is your most favorite photographer (not necessarily a wedding photographer)?
I was inspired to shoot photography after visiting one of Peter Liks galleries in Maui

4. Are there any new wedding photo trends that you have noticed?
I can't think of anything new.

5. What do you do the rest of the week, when you aren't shooting weddings?
Working with Brides all year round. Running my studio in Yakima. I own another photography brand Poet Pictures. Its a full service portrait studio for family's, seniors, baby pictures etc. I have photographers that shoot as associates through Poet Pictures, but I run the business side of things for both of my brands under one studio.

Thank you Michael!

Also, check out one of his Wedding Videos on Facebook and while you're there, become a facebook fan of Michael Fisk Photography!

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  1. SO cool! Michael was our photographer-we're the couple in the 1st picture. It was a blessing to have him as part of such a special time in our lives! needless to say we have been, are currently and continue to be THRILLED with our photos:) Such a great way to re-live our big day over and over!

  2. Oh your photos were some of my absolute favorites! I wanted to post the entire facebook album! I seriously loved your wedding :-)

    Great job Michael!!


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