Friday, November 6, 2009

DIY wedding flower bouquets

Overwhelmed by high florist prices??
Seattle gives brides-to-be the perfect opportunity for DIY bouquets and/or floral centerpeices with Pikes Place Market right downtown!

Go down to the Market first thing in the morning the day before your wedding (or two days, but make sure to keep the flowers in plenty of water and in the refrigerater!), bring some bridesmaids and/or family, stop by the first Starbucks ever, and pick out your wedding flowers! Make sure to delegate the task of putting together the bouquets to a crafty bridesmaid or family member though, if it adds too much to your already overflowing to-do list (and to your stress level!).

Perhaps call a few of the flower stands the week of to get a feel for what flowers they will have for sale. Ask about the colors you are looking for and if you have a specific in-season flower in mind, ask them to bring extras!

When I was MOH for my best friends wedding, the pikes place florists were so helpful- one even threw in a bouquet of fillers, for FREE since we bought several other bouquets from them. Pikes Place Market is an incredible wedding resource. Plus, buying locally is an added bonus!

Interested in making your own bouquets? I would recommend practicing! - so check out these links-

--- - making your own wedding floral arrangements
---Real Simple - How to make your own bouquets from supermarket bought flowers
---Make a wedding bouquet video
--- Martha Stewart University video

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