Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Project :DIY Wedding Postcards

Ready to create your own (wedding) postcards??

White card stock - 1 sheet makes 2 postcards
Pictures for the front of the post card
Glue Stick
Color copier
Fancy edged scissors (deckle-edge if you want)
Custom 'Post Card' rubber stamp (instructions below) and stamp pad
Postage Stamps
A pen or fine tip marker

1. Affix two 4-by-6-inch photos to a sheet of paper with a glue stick, lining up edges. (Be sure you have the photographer's permission to use the images.) Picture ideas: use engagement pictures, baby pictures, or a picture of the city your wedding is in.
2. Color photocopy the page onto white card stock.
3. Leaving a 1/8-inch border, cut out each card with deckle-edge scissors.
4. With a rubber stamp that has an old-fashioned "Post Card" graphic (download template  and have stamp made at an office-supply store), stamp the back of each card. Note: Do you want a different "postcard" grapic? Check out these Vintage post card cliparts.
5. Using a ruler, draw a line down the center to separate your message from the address. Done!

Does the idea of handwriting all of your Save the Dates sound horrible? (I agree)
1. Before you copy your two pictures onto card stock (step 2 above), copy them first onto another peice of white computer paper.
2. On the back of this copy, stamp your Post Card graphic and draw a line down the center of each photo (see steps 4 and 5 above).
3. Write your save the date information or print it from your computer and paste it to the copy paper (do you want a FREE handwriting font for your STD? See these!) or use this picture as a guide and re-create the cute calender below! (that couple even added a custom postage stamp on their postcard!)

4. Next, copy both sides of your peice of paper onto white card stock - your image on the front, postcard graphic on the back.
5. Now, complete step 3 from the first instructions above - cut each card out with deckle-edged scissors. Add a stamp and you're ready to go!

(Example of a rad handwriting font)

Remember: your STD only needs to have basic information written on it- your names, your wedding date and location- but out-of-town guests may be especially grateful for a bit of advance info on local hotels and other travel details and ideally, you should include a link to your wedding website where more in-depth information (like a schedule of events) can be featured.

Want a time saving tip? If you don't care about fancy edges for your postcard, Costco and Kinkos will both double-side copy your template onto white card stock AND cut them for you to whatever size you specify. I have used Costco printing several times now and have always been so impressed!

Don't stop there! These post cards would make great birth announcements, Christmas cards, or even birthday party invitations. The post card possibilities are endless!

As always, thank you Martha Stewart!

Side note: is crafting really not your thing but you love the postcard idea?!
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