Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Surpise Engagement Parties

"There's an unforgettable moment on the road to any wedding: It's when you walk into an event at which people from every corner of your life are gathered together for the first time -- parents mingling with friends mingling with other relatives. Your older sister is getting to know your fiance's first cousin while your future father-in-law casually chats with your best friend from college. And though you may feel a moment of alarm as you consider the stories they could exchange about you, there is also something wonderful about this first glimpse of your family life as a married couple. For many couples, that moment occurs at their engagement party." (thank you Martha Stewart!)

I love the idea of making the engagement party a surprise for the bride-to-be. If you are a friend who is in on the secret that your friends plan on getting engaged, why not plan a party? Coordinate with the groom so that after he proposes (and she says YES!), he can whisk the new bride-to-be off to a fabulous party with family and friends! I personally think it would be just wonderful to be able to tell loved ones about the engagement in person!

Remember to invite both sides of the family plus any close friends of the couple - but don't go too overboard with the guest list, that could take away from the intimacy of the party. Keep the party theme simple- there is no need to start the wedding stress already! Give the bride and groom-to-be lots of room and time to mingle. Maybe make a slideshow with pictures of the couple from their dating relationship and play it at the party! Smilebox is a great resource for that.

Two possible themes:
- Keep it simple with a drinks and appetizers party. Check out this book!
-  A classic cake and champagne party
- Wine and cheese party - Wine Cheese

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