Thursday, October 22, 2009

Make your own Crossword Puzzles

I have had that picture from a Fathers Day Sunday brunch saved for probably a year now and I have just now found a site online to make your own custom crossword puzzles! I love this idea for any sort of event!

-It would be cute at a babyshower, fill the puzzle with trivia about the Mom and Dad To-Be!
-Use it at your wedding as a favor! People will love having something to do at their tables and you could fill the puzzle with trivia about the two of you as a couple!
-Also use it at the bridal shower you are throwing or for a birthday party!

Even have some custom pencils made, if youre feeling ambitious!

Here are three sites I found that work well- Happy puzzle making!

-- Puzzle Maker
-- Crossword
-- Puzzle Games


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