Friday, October 16, 2009

A backyard picnic for 50

Once a person reaches their 90th birthday, there are very few party themes that they haven't already had. But luckily for me, when my grandparents were on the verge of celebrating both their 90th birthdays, to them, the theme of their party really didn't matter! Combine their birthday party with a family reunion and you get a Backyard Picnic for 50 people!

I wanted this birthday party to feel relaxed, low-key yet celebratory, and gender neutral since we were celebrating both my Grandma and Grandpa's 90th birthday. I chose the theme "Backyard Picnic" because I knew they love the garden/backyard feel, full of bright colors like sunny yellow, grass green, and deep purple flowers. There were framed trivia cards on every table and cardstock fans at every place setting, to help battle the hot summer weather. I did have the party catered- but with boxed lunch type meals- yummy sandwiches, potato salads, and fruit. I also set up a lemonade stand, with various types of fresh summer lemonade and made three different kinds of homemade ice cream.



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