Monday, December 20, 2010

A Very Useful Template

I'm a big fan of stationary and I'm also a big fan of manners. Combine those two and what do you get? Thank you notes, of course! With the holidays upon us, its important to remember to send thank you notes. Send them to the hosts/hostess of that Christmas party you went to last week and to your in laws for their thoughtful gifts. And, since this is after all a wedding blog, you no doubt know that you need to write thank you notes for all your lovely shower gifts and wedding presents. (Emily Post states that thank-you notes should be written within 3 months of the receipt of the gift

When faced with potentially hundreds of thank you's, here is a helpful little template from the most recent Brides magazine -

“Dear ____ (giver’s name),
Thank you so much for the (gorgeous, stylish, super-useful, classic, unique, stunning) _______ (type of gift).
(It rocks!, We were thrilled to get it!, We simply adore it!)

___________(name of fiance or spouse) and I cannot wait to (start using it, show it off in our home, enjoy it together) - we will think of you every time we see it.

Looking forward to (seeing you, meeting you, catching up, chatting with you) (at the wedding, after the honeymoon, at work, in the neighborhood, soon, during the holidays).

(Love, Best, Sincerely, Cheers!, Fondly)
________ (your name)”

And while your at it, swing by Target (maybe my favorite place on earth) and pick up these thank you notes - I bought two boxes last month and can't wait to use them!!

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