Saturday, December 25, 2010

In Lieu of Letter to Santa

Very inspiring & found here:

1. Something unexpected I accomplished in 2010: Traveled to and lived in Europe. Learned another language. 
2. Something challenging I hope to accomplish in 2011. Become bilingual. Plan a killer wedding :-) Build this little blog up into something more. 
3. It doesn’t cost much, but I wish I had it. Couch pillows. More sheets. Frozen yogurt in the fridge.
4. It’s worn out and I need to replace it. Shoes!
5. A good book I read in 2010.  All the Harry Potter books.
6. My favorite place to shop online? In the store? Etsy and Target.
7. I worry about... Making a living while doing something I deeply love. Being the type of wife that will make my marriage last. 
8. Please don’t make me eat... Tomatoes, really, I still dislike them. 
9. But always eat.  I eat more veggie Pho than you can imagine.  
10. My favorite season is... Spring (flowers), Summer (weather),and Winter (skiing). I'm not good with favorites. 
11. It’s a little costly, but I would like to have... A brand new car. A dishwasher. A house to call my own. And then another house in Austria. 
12. I will always remember... from 2010 Mom and Dad coming to Europe. Nates proposal. Our engagement party. 
13. When I cook, I like to make... cookies. Wish I knew how to make... a complete Thanksgiving dinner.
 14. My idea of a good party? Family and close friends. Good weather, bbq, margaritas, laughter, bon fires, games, smores. 
15. It’s time to do more... Running. Saving. Living outside my comfort zone. 

Merry Christmas my lovely, lovely readers! 

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