Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Paper, Plastic, or Metal?

Thats right, I'm talking utensils.

I love love love our reception lodge, but they are providing nothing meaning we are renting absolutely everything. Faced with our mounting list of "things to rent", I starting thinking outside the box a bit. Where can we cut corners?

It's likely a no-brainer to rent metal cutlery and sometimes, its your only option (style wise). But then I read a couple articles on Weddingbee where  brides purchased bamboo/wood utensils. I am against the idea of having plain 'ole plastic silverware at our reception but... the biodegradable ones could work! 

Lets see here: 

  1. Biodegradable is cheaper than renting - EcoWare has sets of 100 (fork knife spoon) for $26.85; while one of the main rental companies in Yakima listed $9 per doz. (.26 cents a set vs .75 cents a set)
  2. Call me crazy, but I think they're kind of cute. And we could make them even cuter!
  3. They go with our laid back, family backyard bbq type of reception theme and they even match our colors (burlap runners of course). 
  4. I read a couple of reviews (specifically of EcoWare) and they are strong enough to cut through chicken and stand up to sloppy mac and cheese. No one likes broken fork prongs in their salad. 
  5. Did I mention they are biodegradable? Win Win!
Okay, on to proving their cuteness via pictures: 

I love the idea stamping the ends with a little n & k and tying it all together with some rafia, yarn, or bakers twine! Plus, I had to help my best friend tie all her silverware with pink and brown ribbon when she got married... so she owes me :-) 

What do you think? Should we go the biodegradable route or stick with renting? 

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