Thursday, September 2, 2010

I need a cupcake intervention

One of my best friends celebrated her 25th birthday a couple weeks ago and she brought these incredible cupcakes to the restaurant where we celebrated... And let me tell you, every centimeter of that salted carmel chocolate cupcake made me want more. Anyways, all this to say - you remember how obsessed I am with dessert tables at weddings? Yes well cupcakes are a perfect addition to any dessert table, if you ask me. Also, they are so easy to make yourself - you could turn it into a family project! (don't let her fool you - your maid of honor does in fact want to bake roughly 100 cupcakes with you right before your wedding. haha, joke!)

Then, I stumbled across this site the other day and DIED. Literally. The paramedics had to revive me. Okay... well not really. But my heart did stop for roughly .5 seconds when I realized all the goodness on this cupcake site.
Lets peep some of this goodness, shall we?
Get in my mouth already you dang cupcakes!
 In case you're wondering, those are cupcakes #4, #6, #14, #24, #27, and #30 (R to L, top to bottom)

So go bake some of these cupcakes (practice makes wedding perfect) and please don't forget to send me one.

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PS- ....although, if you choose not to DIY cupcake style, may I recommend Trophy Cupcakes


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