Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big News

It's been very difficult keeping a certain little secret from you all - but out of respect for our family and friends, I've had to zip my lips for a couple weeks. Well, the wait is over! And let me tell you, I'm bursting at the seams.
Check out this happy bride to be- 
Wait, hold the phone...that's ME!!!

Thats right, I'm Getting Married!

That cute boy in the picture is Nate - my boyfriend (I haven't used the "f word yet", it still feels strange) of over 5 and a half years - and he proposed on September 7th, in Kerry Park! 

So this awesome blog may take a bit of a personal turn, seeing as though both Andrea and I are engaged at the moment. And I'm not planning on getting married until Spring 2012, so I've got a ton of time to research and hopefully do as many DIY projects as I can.

Want to know something else pretty funny? I emailed one of my favorite hometown photographers before we had even told his parents we were engaged. Haha, let the planning commence!

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