Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I hope you're sitting down because I have just discovered the coolest FREE printable Save the Date card, courtesy of the Wedding Chicks!

Feast your eyes on this cute card!

Shown with three different ways to mark your date! (circle, stamp, brad)

The wonderful Wedding Chicks have created FREE calender Save the Dates for every month of 2010 AND 2011!! Wowza!

They give step by step assmebling instuctions (including where they bought envelopes and what kind of paper they reccomend) so do yourself a favor and go download some super cute Save the Dates! If you go with the paper and envelopes they recommend, (besides the cost of ink and postage) these STD cost around $.80 each.

Thats right, .80 cents!!

The only thing I would add - is make sure to include your names, the location of your wedding, and if you have one, your website address on the back of the card.

I feel like its Christmas in wedding blog land! :-)

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