Saturday, January 23, 2010


Generally no matter the size of the budget or the nature of the event, we all have choices to make. And making choices can be a difficult thing to do especially when (we) bloggers offer you so many ideas, inspirations, d.i.y. projects, etc. With SO much inspiration and so many ideas floating around, it's good to focus, focus, focus.

So here are some questions for you to print off and hopefully asking yourself these questions and committing your answers to paper will help you focus your efforts and energy during your planning. Good luck!

-What's the one thing we want to remember?

-What’s the one thing we want our guests to remember?

-We're standing at the altar and we turn around to look at the congregation, these are the people we hope to see...

-Three words that describe us as a couple...

-If we boiled down the look and feeling we want to achieve/capture in our wedding, we’d use these three words/images/ideas to describe it….

-These are the things we can’t live without. They’re mandatory….

-Our budget is...

****Keep a firm grasp on your budget, your priorities and the end goal: getting married.****

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