Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let them eat cake!

Remember my post about wedding cake inspiration? 

(btw, I learned that the look for the frosting is called a "rough frost"!)

Well I went to a Yakima wedding show this last weekend (After the Rock) and decided to book one of the cake bakers there - Christie's Cakes! I went to the show with my Mom, sister, and two cousins and we all tried samples of her different cake flavors - none of us were unhappy! Plus get this, her pricing is only $2 a serving for round cakes (no fondant) - so for our small two tier cutting cake, we will come in well under budget! Woohoo! I've been so excited to get on my computer and adjust the budget :-) Nate and I will meet with her again this summer to hammer out exact tier sizes (I am thinking a 12" and 8") and of course, taste some more flavors!
Cake: check!

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