Monday, January 24, 2011

Confessions of a Very Decisive Bride

Alternate title : Everyone was right.

Unfortunately for my pride, everyone (especially my mom) was right. They were right when they said "Don't set your mind on one style of wedding dress, try everything on first". Well me being the Very Decisive Bride, knew what I wanted for a wedding dress - I wanted lace, lace, and more lace! I wanted sheath, I wanted flowing fabric, I wanted a classic, timeless, elegant dress. 

And then I fell in love with a form fitting fit and flare 100% silk  (no lace!) wedding dress. 

So... I bought it. 

Just like that, I had my wedding dress and its nothing like what I was so sure I wanted. But its perfect! Absolutely, one hundred percent, perfect. Its a little dramatic, and sexy, and makes me say "holy $%*@" when I look at myself in the mirror. Yet its so timeless and classic - it makes me feel elegant and mature. No bling, no beading, just me and a form fitting silk gown. Nate will be speechless! Its everything I never knew I wanted, plus a whole lot more.

I bought it off the rack (at $200 under budget!) and although it needs a few alterations (I'm going to give it a true sweetheart neckline, shorten the length an inch or two, and let the seams out around my thighs just a tad so that I can dance the night away), its already a dream come true. 

So I take a trip to Yakima one weekend for a wedding show and not only do I make a decision about our wedding cake, but also the dress of my dreams! I may just be too decisive for my own good. Wasn't this wedding planning thing supposed to be much more stressful?? :-) I'll have this sucker planned way ahead of schedule! 

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End Note : I'm sorry but I can't post pictures of The Dress - too risky that Nate would see them. 
You'll just have to wait until after the wedding! 


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