Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cait's First Birthday Party

I haven't featured a cute birthday party in awhile (its wedding season!) but I couldn't resist this one. Cait's first birthday party by her Mom (Fig & Ruby) with its pink and brown giraffe theme, is simply too cute for words!
How cute is this birthday girl?!

The pink and brown giraffe theme!

Here is what Colleen said - "Every month of Cait's life, on her "day", I have taken a photo of her in a diaper sitting next to this hippo. I strung those 12 photos up along a ribbon."
What a cute idea!

Also from Mom Colleen - "The mantel. I used my fun fabric to hide the TV. Those letters are foam, They came in those colors and I got them at the dollar store! I heart my teeny flag bunting. So sweet! It's going in Cait's room when i get around to it."

What a perfect party hat!

And my favorite part? This dessert table!
Oh my stars!!

So gorgeous Fig & Ruby!

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