Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Contain your Joy

Yep, I'm keeping this cupcake train a'rolling. 

Have you seen those on Martha Stewart? Gooey-good desserts sent home with guests, cradled in old-fashioned jars. Cushion a vanilla cupcake between a layer of raspberry jam and a dollop of cream-cheese frosting in a classic canning jar. Pair it with a wooden spoon, and voila -- you've got a pudding-rich, mess-free treat that guests can easily take home.

Don't forget to top the lid with an "Enjoy" label downloaded from their website. (A 2 1/2-inch mega circle punch will make the project a cinch!) French terrine (No. 748090), the Container Store. Wooden spoons (No. 12893), Fairway Market.

By the way... Are you following me on my other wedding blog? I write a blog for the Yakima Bride Magazine - so It's a bit more personal and of course, oh so very wedding filled. If you haven't checked it out,  skip on over there!  Kalea's Wedding

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  1. i love your blog! i'm a sucker for weddings. I just love weddings - everything about it. it's not becoz I'm in dire need of wanting to get married, I just love the event/ceremony itself :D


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