Monday, April 25, 2011


Recently I have been getting more requests for advertising with Love Made Visible (Thank You!). Since starting LMV in October 2009, my readership has increased steadily over time, so I am excited to have finally decided to allow LMV the opportunity for sponsored ads and posts, and giveaway sponsorships. If you would like to be considered for Love Made Visible, please tell me a little about your business and your website so I can determine if your brand is a good match for my lovely readers. Please contact me for more information, I am excited to hear from you!

Since receiving all our dreamy winter engagement pictures, all I have done with them is promptly upload them to facebook and look over the album again, and again, and again, and again. Shame on me! Thats no life for such beautiful pictures. I haven't printed any yet because a) I have a very hard time narrowing them down to like, a couple favorites b) I refuse to just put them in an album. I want to frame them and display them oh so creatively! and c) I'm lazy? (sorry Jenny!) But the story gets better! I received an email from Build A Sign asking me if I would review their new product - a wrapped canvas print. I was giddy! What a perfect excuse to finally print an engagement photo! Plus I'm just obsessed with the look of stretched canvas prints., an online sign company, just launched a product line for custom photos on canvas--where you can upload your own photo and have it printed out on gallery wrapped canvas. (drool, seriously) So I put my butt in gear and got online to

The whole process of ordering my canvas was much less time consuming than picking the actual picture! It really just is 4 easy steps. 

Want to know what picture I ended up choosing?? 
This pretty picture!

I could not be more excited to find just the perfect place to hang my new canvas print. Plus it really got me thinking, printing my picture via was so wonderful,  wouldn't a wrapped canvas print be the most wonderful present for our Moms after the wedding (or for Mother's Day!)? I'm thinking so! 

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