Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sports Bars

Did you meet your hubby to be at a baseball game? Or did you start dating in college and therefore spent plenty of time together, freezing cold on football sidelines? Do you both live for basketball season and buy tickets to Vegas for March Madness every year?  If your fiancĂ© and his friends are anything like mine, sports bars and college bars are some of their favorite places to, why not make your wedding bar tailored to them? (after all, I'd bet that group of boys will spend more time at the bar than any of your other guests!)

While surfing around wedding sites recently, I spotted something pretty cool - a themed bar at a wedding! In that case, it was an NFL team - the bar was decorated in pennants, a "Go Bears!" sign, matching plastic beer cups, etc. This got me thinking...and I'm thinking its a really cool idea. Most of the time wedding bars get a little ignored by decorations, despite it being one of the most trafficked areas of your reception - what sense does that make? Instead (or in addition to) a grooms cake, pick his favorite sports team and decorate your wedding bar accordingly! Wouldn't your guests love that?

Nate studied undergrad at the University of Washington so we have spent a fair amount of time yelling "Go Dawgs!" in the 6 years we have been together and he also has worked in the Mariners club house for the past 4 seasons - so Seattle baseball is a pretty big deal to us (in fact, I'm wearing a Mariners shirt as I type this). So, I can picture it being really cool if I decorated our wedding reception bar with one or both teams.

Want to see what I'm thinking??

Found here , here and here 

Found here and here

A sports themed bar at a wedding - what do you think?

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