Monday, March 21, 2011

Raise your hand if you love Paper Straws!

They are no recent obsession, but I realized that I've never talked about the incredible cuteness that is paper straws. I'm such a sucker for little details. Come on, jump up here on the striped straw bandwangon everyone!
pictures found here and here

Did I mention that they are biodegradable (score one for the environment) and come in a really nifty array of colors??
found here and here

What do you think, is their overwhelming cuteness an excuse enough to buy some?? Wouldn't our bar be so cute with paper straws?? Especially in old fashioned cokes??

And luckily, they are not only ridiculously cute and biodegradable, but they are affordable!
Paper straws are all over Etsy and here at Art Fire

Tell me you agree, that they are a must have!

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