Monday, February 14, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changes

I'll admit, I get wedding fatigue. Especially now that a majority of my free time is filled with writing two different wedding blogs and planning our wedding. Wedding fatigue is normal but I'm slightly concerned because I really don't want to get burned out - I really love this blog! So, I've decided to reduce my postings to about 3 days a week. Like a Monday, Wednesday, Friday type deal. I hope I don't lose readers by reducing my post frequency, but I really think it will allow me to post better material. I just don't think I can keep up with 5 days a week anymore - the quality of my posts are suffering.

As a side note, I know quite a few of my regular readers are incredible writers who also have experience planning a wedding (cough Megan, Kirsten, Andrea, Quinn, Mindy cough) so if you would enjoy writing guest posts for this blog, please do so! I would love to feature other peoples ideas, advice, experiences, etc. That would take some weight off my shoulders and really give this blog some diversity. Bottom line, if you like to write and you love weddings, here is your formal invitation to contribute to this blog!

Okay okay, on to todays post!

I am slightly biased, but winter engagement photos are like the best thing ever. I love that Nate and I will have snowy engagement photos and spring time sunny wedding photos. I love everything about hats and mittens and sleds in couples pictures. And get this, I'm not alone in my obsession! I just keep finding more and more gorgeous winter engagement sessions.

Do you want more to die for winter engagement photos? Check out these two links from Rebekah Westover Photography! Nicole & Ryan and Katie & Mike

 Also, Happy Valentines Day!
It may be a little late, but how cute is this v-day card idea?
So easy! Just use paint swatches and cute stamps.

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