Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Domestic Diva Bridal Shower

I have a love affair with aprons.
They make me feel more domestic, a bit sexy, and ready to take on any recipe! So when I saw the domestic diva invite from Monday, my head started swirling with the idea of having a vintage Apron Bridal Shower!
Let me elaborate-
 Write on the invitation that in leu of purchasing items off the brides registry (which is perfect for the bride who will have more than one shower), guests are asked to bring an apron and one of their favorite recipes for the bride to be. I can just see the fun types of aprons now! I bet you would get some lovely homemade aprons from some of the older guests (ie Grandma), maybe some racy aprons from your best friends and that crazy Aunt of yours, some very cute and girly aprons, as well as some hand-me-down aprons that perhaps someone has used for years in their kitchen! Have your lovely maid of honor put all the recipes right into a cookbook - you could go home with an apron and new recipe for every day of the week! Nothing like a good apron to make you want to don your pearls and vacuum in your heels!

Here are some of my favorite aprons right now-

Boojiboo on Etsy
Sigh, Anthropology aprons
Jessie Stelle Vintage Aprons

Dare I suggest pearls with the half apron? Oh yes!

And, a whole lot of apron patterns!
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