Monday, May 17, 2010

And now introducing...Aubrey Joy Photography!

Hi all!
As promised, I now officially introduce you to Aubrey Joy Photgraphy. I tried to pick just a few of my favorite photos but as you can see, a few turned into was impossible to decide! Haha! I hope you love her as much as I do!
1. What’s your primary style? (Posed and formal, relaxed, photojournalistic, creative, artistic, candid, traditional?)
My primary style I would say is a mixture of artistic and candid. Of course some of the shots I get are "posed" but I try to steer away as much as possible from the traditional photos. I like my photography to be fresh, and to reflect my clients style and relationship... as well as my own artistic eye.

2. What are the reasons you think brides should hire you? What makes your photographs better or different than anybody else's?
First and for-most I think brides should hire me because I love what I do. I am a true romantic so this whole wedding business never gets old. I enjoy telling peoples love stories in the form of images, its an honor to be able to do this for someone. This love for my job is really what I think sets me apart from other people... and hopefully you can see that in my style. I can never promise my clients that I will make all their "photography dreams" come true, but what I can promise is that I will give 100% to capturing your wedding the best I can, and I haven't disappointed yet. I am constantly looking at ways to generate better photos and keep growing as a photographer and artist. It only takes a few minutes of looking through my portfolio to see that my work is always changing and evolving... I think that is a key part of why I can keep my work fresh and unique. Just like in a relationship... if you want to keep the spark alive, you have to work at it.

3. Who is your most favorite photographer (not necessarily a wedding photographer)?
Hmmm... this is a tough one. I definitely have role models out there, inspirations from all over. I am obsessed with National Geographic photographers, I know that seems a little strange since alot of people don't relate any of their footage to wedding photography... but I think that documenting someones most memorable day is a huge privilege... and photographers like Sam Abell and Karen Kasmauski are so inspiring to me. Work from painter Maxfield Parrish always encourages me to capture light in the most beautiful way I can.

4. Are there any new wedding photo trends that you have noticed?
Wedding photography trends go with the style and flow of what is around us. I think vintage is definitely going to be taking full swing in the next year or so. In the last few years I think that couples are really making it a priority to hire photographers that will go the extra step in making sure their individual personalities show in the photographs. I strive to make that possible for every bride and groom I work with.

5. What do you do the rest of the week, when you aren't shooting weddings?
Ahhh.. this is a question I get so often. I think that alot of people assume that wedding photographers have an easy job cut out for them, only working on the weekends and then kicking back the rest of the week. Nothing could be further from the truth! Don't get me wrong... I LOVE my job, but it's alot of work. The day that I take photos on your wedding day is only the beginning. For each hour I spend shooting I spend at least 5 hours doing other tasks that go along with it. My work week is spent sorting, editing, emailing, blogging, networking, building proofs with my lab, purchasing new equipment, researching and taking classes. Its a full time job, and its great! When I am not working I am of course playing! Hiking, picnics, tea parties with my seven year old sister, playing frisbee with my dog, reading, painting, cooking, and camping with friends are just a few things I can think of that I love to make time for when I can.

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