Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Getting Hitched : The Proposal

"Who expects to go to a chill dinner at a brewery with the boyfriend and a friend, and leave engaged?!"

THE story, according to Andrea:
"After a long couple days of trying to get me moved and situated in my new apartment, Clint and I decided to meet up at Redhook Brewery with a good Navy friend who lives in Bothell. Dinner was like any other...eating, drinking beer, totally chill. As the night progresses the brewery begins to empty out a bit and a live band begins to play. Clint and Justin have occasionally been going outside to talk but I don't think anything of it. After a quick trip to the bathroom I sit back down at our table and the lead singer of the band says something along the lines of "Yeah sometimes we just need to play some proposing music...Can we get Glen to come up here? Glen?" I start laughing and think, "Huh? Proposing music, crazy!" All of a sudden Justin begins to shout out "I think you mean Clint! CLINT!" Needless to say, I am completely blown away! Initially the thought going through my head is "What the heck Justin, what are you doing?!" But as Clint begins to pull me up to the front it hits me that THIS IS IT! I am instantly overcome with shock, joy, confusion, excitement, every emotion you can imagine and I begin to feel the tears stream down my face. I mean WHAT??!?! Is it seriously happening?!?! As we get to the front, Clint begins to say something like "I know this may not be the most perfect place or time but..." and goes in to his schpeal (don't worry -- I made him repeat this all to me after we got home because the whole moment was such a blur haha). I see Justin out of the corner of my eye snapping pictures left and right and next thing I know Clint is down on one knee and putting the ring on my finger!! People begin clapping and we stay up for a little slow dancing. At this point it still hasn't quite hit me that he just proposed...All I can really remember is being totally shocked, asking if this really just happened, and just having non-stop tears....happy ones of course :)
Luckily Justin was there to document everything for us! Considering how much we have talked about getting married, it was a TOTAL surprise!! Who expects to go to a chill dinner at a brewery with the boyfriend and a friend and leave engaged?! Not me!!! Haha! But it happened and it was perfect. I was completely taken off guard, which is exactly what I wanted. In all honesty, if he had done it any other way it would have still been special but I don't think I would have been as surprised! "
And that's the story!

Wait, whats that? You wanted to see her ring??

Congrats again Andrea and Clint!
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  1. Love it! I'm so happy for you both. Ring is beautiful, you guys are beautiful together, proposal was beautiful, wedding will be beautiful, and your life will be full of beautiful memories! Congrats again!


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